Wananga landing Wananga landing
CUP book

Securing a Peaceful Pacific

20 November 2023

Edited by John Henderson and Greg Watson


(Out of print)

December 2005
528pp, Paperback
228 x 152 mm
ISBN 1-877257-37-0

‘Trouble in paradise’,  ‘africanisation of the Pacific’,  ‘arc of instability’,  ‘failed states’,  'petri dish for terrorism’ . . .

Are these labels for the Pacific justified?

Why has the Pacific experienced growing levels of conflict and political instability in recent years? What has been the impact on Pacific peoples? What can be done to avoid further conflict?

This book, based on a major international conference held at the University of Canterbury in October 2004, seeks to answer these questions by drawing on the expertise of a diverse range of contributors: academics, diplomats, soldiers, police, aid workers, non-government organisations and the indigenous Pacific people themselves.

A comprehensive account, this major work will be of interest to both academic and non-academic readers concerned about past, present and future developments in the Pacific neighbourhood.

Topics covered include:

  • causes of conflict
  • ending conflict
  • post-conflict reconstruction
  • terrorism ‘threats’
  • prospects for regionalism and environmental security
  • the Fiji coups
  • conflicts in Bougainville, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea and West Papua


Philip Alpers, Tupeni Baba, Dr David Baker, Paul Bellamy, Associate Professor Judith Bennett, Professor Jacob Bercovitch, Sheryl Boxall, Dr Sabina W. Brendel-Lautensach, Professor Kevin Clements, Peter Cozens, Emeritus Professor Ron Crocombe, Associate Professor Karl DeRouen Jr, Dr Kate Dewes, Professor Daniel Druckman, Professor Stewart Firth, Dr Jon Fraenkel, Dr Beth Greener-Barcham, Professor Graham Hassall, John Hayes, Dr David Hegarty, Associate Professor John Henderson, Ambassador Dell Higgie, Ted Hill, Honourable Marian Hobbs, Iati Iati, Dr Bert Jenkins, Dr Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka, Dr Lawrence Kalinoe, Dr Malakai Koloamatangi, Ambalika Devi Kutty, Maire Leadbeater, Vince McBride, Fuimaono Les McCarthy, Associate Professor Derek McDougall, Gerald McGhie, Superintendent Tony McLeod, Dr Ron May, Susan Moore, Brigadier Roger Mortlock, Dr Unaisi Nabobo-Baba, Professor Vijay Naidu, Professor Karen Nero, Dr Tania Ogilvie-White, Dr Nancy Pollock, Michael Powles, John Roughan, Dr Kabini Sanga, Chris Seed, Assistant Professor Eric Shibuya, Professor Asofou So’o, Dr Peter Swain, Ema Tagicakibau, Pauline Tangiora, Dr Teresia Teaiwa, Jim Tully, Beverley Turnbull, Congressman Robert Underwood, Greg Urwin, Professor Peter Wallensteen, Greg Watson

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