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Angels and Roses: The art of Frederick George Gurnsey

20 November 2023

By Mark Stocker


(Out of print)

84pp, softcover
250 x 250mm
ISBN: 0-908812-55-8

Frederick George Gurnsey was one of the greatest European carvers in wood and stone to have worked in New Zealand. Following his emigration from Britain in 1906, he taught and carved in Canterbury for almost fifty years. Many prominent South Island landmarks owe their beauty to him: these include the Bridge of Remembrance and the Anglican Cathedral reredos and chapel in Christchurch, as well as one of New Zealand's most photographed buildings, the Church of the Good Shepherd, Tekapo. Gurnsey's monograms of praying and playing angels (and roses by the thousand!) inspired the title of this book and the exhibition which it accompanies and complements, at the Robert McDougall Art Gallery. With a text that balances careful scholarship with lively readability and a host of excellent photographs, Angels and Roses rediscovers the outstanding gifts of Frederick Gurnsey.

Angels and Roses cover
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