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Ruth Ramsay

Clinical Educator

School of Psychology, Speech and Hearing

17 October 2023


  • BSLT (University of Canterbury)

  • MSLT (University of Canterbury)



    Ruth was born in Hamilton, N.Z. and then moved with her family to Canada, at 5 years of age. After returning to New Zealand, she attended the University of Canterbury, graduating with a Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy. After working in the field as an SLT with adolescents with TBI and also preschools with speech and language delays, Ruth returned to the University of Canterbury to undertake postgraduate studies. She graduated with a Masters in Speech and Language Therapy while working as a clinical educator. Ruth continues to enjoy her role as a clinical educator, training students, working on research and treating children and adults in a variety of areas including speech sound delays and disorders, language delays and disorders and paediatric feeding issue.

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