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Russ Taylor


National Centre for Research on Europe

07 November 2023


  • PhD in Sustainable Development (University of Canterbury) 2012-18
  • MSc Freshwater Ecology (University of Canterbury) 2000-2001


  • Sustainable Development of Impoverished Nations utilising Enpovigo and ecological principles as the developmental framework - especially participation, capabilities building, education, basic human needs, renewable energy powered ICTs and sustainable self-determination
  • Development theory – capability building, participatory development, basic human needs, economic development, sustainable development, information and communications technologies for development and indigenous developmental theories
  • Remote community development actions targeting happiness as a desired outcome
  • International development funding, specialising in the European Development Fund, the Bretton Woods Organisations, the United Nations Development Fund, Non Governmental Organisations, Trans-national and Multi-national corporation development funding


Russell Taylor is a research fellow at the University of Canterbury’s National Centre for Research on Europe and is the CEO/board member and Founder of the EcoCARE group, an international NGO, which includes branches in Norway and Ukraine and EcoCARE Africa (a regional body established in Kenya) and EcoCARE Pacific (a regional body established in New Zealand).

Peer-reviewed journal articles and theses

  • Taylor R.C., (2019), Development Funding and Policy: The importance of information and capability building with particular reference to Tonga, PhD Thesis, University of Canterbury
  • Harding J.S., Brown C., Jones F., Taylor R.C., (2007), Mosquitoes are a significant pest and human health issue in the Kingdom of Tonga. Australian Journal of Entomology 46, 332–338 
  • Harding J.S., Brown C., Brown F., Taylor R.C., (2006), A preliminary assessment of the distribution of mosquitoes in the kingdom of Tonga: potential threats to biodiversity through invasive pathogens. School of Biological Sciences Research Report
  • Taylor, R.C., Ewers R.M., (2013), Field Guide to New Zealand Beetles. In Press
  • Taylor, R.C., Ewers R.M., (2003), The invertebrate fauna inhabiting tree holes in a red beech (Nothofagus fusca) tree. The Weta, 25, 24-27
  • Milner, A.M.; Taylor, R.C.; Winterbourn, M.J. (2001), Longitudinal distribution of macroinvertebrates in two glacier-fed New Zealand Rivers. Freshwater Biology 46: 1765-1775
  • Taylor R.C.(2001), Macroinvertebrate community structure of glacial and non-glacial streams in South Westland. M.Sc. Thesis, University of Canterbury.
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