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Mathew Doidge

Senior Research Fellow

National Centre for Research on Europe

17 October 2023
  • European Studies Association Australia and New Zealand (ESAANZ) (Professional Organisation): Executive Committee Member

  • European Union Studies Association of the Asia-Pacific (EUSA-Asia Pacific) (Professional Organisation): Member

  • National Centre for Research on Europe (NCRE) (Teaching/Research Organisation): Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests

Research interests include the external relations of the European Union, with a particular focus on EU development policy, the international political economy of development, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the security and development of Pacific Island states. Currently involved in research projects on the 'EU and Social and Scientific Innovation to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals' (coordinated by RMIT, Australia), and on 'European Union-Asia Pacific Dialogue: promoting European integration and mutual knowledge across continents' (coordinated by the University of Deusto, Spain).

  • Development Studies
  • European Union
  • European Union Development Policy
  • European Union External Relations
  • Regionalism
  • Interregionalism
  • Pacific
Recent Publications
  • Doidge M. and Kelly S. (2023) Recentring the Pacific: Media Narratives and Contestation. Bangkok, Thailand: European Union Studies Association Asia Pacific Conference, 29-30 Jun 2023.
  • Kelly S. and Doidge M. (2023) Beyond trade: The European Union - New Zealand Free Trade Agreement. Australian and New Zealand Journal of European Studies 15(1)
  • Doidge M. and Kelly S. (2021) Perceptions of Development: The EU and China in the Pacific Media. Melbourne, Australia: European Union Studies Association–Asia Pacific Conference, 28-29 Jun 2021.
  • Kelly S. and Doidge M. (2021) EU-Pacific Engagement Post Covid-19 and Post-Brexit: What Impact on the SDGs? RMIT, Melbourne: Europe, the Asia-Pacific and the Global Transformation Agenda, 24-26 Mar 2021.
  • Telle S., Brunao M. and Doidge M. (2021) Editors’ introduction to the Special Issue. Australian and New Zealand Journal of European Studies 13(3)
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