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Katherine Yates

Post Doctoral Fellow

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

17 October 2023

Research Interests

My research focuses on characterising the hydromechanical behaviour of unsaturated soils in both static and dynamic conditions. This includes rainfall triggered slope instability and erosion, earthquake triggered slope instability, and liquefaction assessment (saturated soils). I am most interested in research that has pragmatic outcomes for industry groups and partners. My research methods primarily include laboratory testing, field instrumentation, field mapping, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).



Yates, K., Russell, AR. (2022). The unsaturated characteristics of natural loess in slopes, New Zealand. Geotechnique (Ahead of Print)

Yates, K., Fenton, C. and Bell, D. (2018) A review of the geotechnical characteristics of loess and loess-derived soils from Canterbury, South Island, New Zealand. Engineering Geology, vol. 236, p11-21. 


Conference Proceedings

Yates K., Russell, A R. (2023) The hydromechanical behaviour of unsaturated loess in slopes, New Zealand. 8th International Conference on Unsaturated Soils. 2 – 6 May, Milos Island, Greece.

Yates K., Russell, A.R., Fenton, C. (2020) Field and laboratory investigation of rainfall-triggered slope failure in unsaturated loess soils, New Zealand. 4th European Conference on Unsaturated Soils. E3S Web of Conferences, 195, 01017.

Yates, K., Fenton, C. (2018) Preliminary investigation of the soil-water characteristics of loess soils in Canterbury, New Zealand. XIII IAEG Congress, 17 – 21 September, San Francisco, California.

Yates, K., Fenton, C. (2017) A methodology for examining soil-water characteristics of loess and loess-derived soils on Banks Peninsula, New Zealand. 20th NZGS Geotechnical Symposium, Napier, New Zealand.

Yates, K., Villeneuve, M. and Wilson, T. (2013) Geotechnical Risk Assessment of Hilly terrain during Post-earthquake response. 19th NZGS Geotechnical Symposium, 20-23 Nov 2013, Queenstown, New Zealand:

Other reports

Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (2018) Field Guide: Rapid Post Disaster Building Usability Assessment – Geotechnical. ISBN 978-1-98-851766-7 (online). (Lead author)

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