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Jeremy Richardson


National Centre for Research on Europe

17 October 2023


  • BA.Hons (Keele)

  • MA (Econ) (Manchester)

  • PhD (Manchester)

  • Doctor Honoris Causa (Umeå)


Current research

Lobbying in the EU


Other research interests

  • EU policy process
  • Comparative public policy
  • Keywords: lobbying, EU, policy process


Recent publications

  • 2009 Lobbying the European Union: Institutions, Actors, and Issues, eds David Coen and Jeremy Richardson, Oxford University Press
  • 2006 European Union. Power and Policy-Making (ed.), third edition, (Abingdon: Routledge)
  • 2007 (with Sonia Mazey), ‘The Commission and the Lobby’, in David Spence (ed.), The European Commission. Third edition. London: John Harper, 2006, pp. 279-92
  • 2007 ‘A Comment on Kohler-Koch’, in Beate Kohler-Koch and Berthold Rittberger (eds.), Debating the Democratic Legitimacy of the European Union. (New York: Rowman and Littlefield), pp. 272-77
  • 2007 ‘Organized Interests in the European Union’, in Knud Jorgensen, Mark Pollack, and Ben J. Rosamond (eds.), The Sage Handbook of European Politics. London: Sage, 2007, pp. 231-46
  • 1993-Present Editor Journal of European Public Policy
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