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Emma Maurice

Learning Advisor

Ngāti Kahungungu

Academic Success

09 April 2024

BA Philosophy, Māori and Indigenous Studies, Te Reo Māori

BA Hons. First Class Philosophy, Māori and Indigenous Studies

PhD Indigenous Philosophy



Emma’s superpower is creating a safe, warm, and nurturing learning environment that encourages each student to reach for their greatest potential.

Emma has a deep love of learning, fuelled by her curious mind and unbridled zestiness for life. A late bloomer, Emma came to academia in her mid-30s and has been ensconced in the luxurious world of ideas and thought ever since.

Success cannot be measured by comparing our journey to others, but by competing against ourselves every day to becomes the best version of ourselves that we can be -Snoop Dogg (2024)


Research Interests:

Philosophy of Language, meaning and use

Critical Race Studies

Indigenous Agency

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