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David Wareham

Associate Professor

Civil and Natural Resources Engineering

17 October 2023

Qualifications & Memberships

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (University of Waterloo)

  • Master of Applied Science (University of Waterloo)

  • Doctor of Philosophy (University of British Columbia)

  • International Water Association (IWA) (Professional Organisation): Member

  • Water New Zealand - The New Zealand Water & Wastes Association (Professional Organisation): Member

  • Erskine Grant (13/04/04-21/06/04). Visits to University of Colorado (Boulder and Denver), Michigan Technological University, University of W

  • Erskine Grant (19/06/98-22/08/98). U.British Columbia, Queen's Kingston, Inst.National Des Sciences Appliquees, Paris, Reid Crowther Consul


Research Interests

Research is in the area of process control for biological nutrient removal systems, removal of nitrates from groundwater and aerobic denitrification. Specific interests are:
-Biological nutrient (nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P)) removal from wastewaters has received increasing attention in the last few decades. Research has been undertaken in the general area of optimization of these types of plants and a better understanding of the biological mechanisms involved. Examples of recent research topics/areas: Automated control of sequencing batch reactor BNR plants, modelling of Oxidation-Reduction Potential behaviour in BNR Plants, aerobic denitrification in wastewater treatment systems. Removal of nitrates from groundwater, use of rock filters for nutrient removal in oxidation ponds and wetlands for grey water treatment.
-Volatile Fatty Acids (VFAs) are used in BNR plants as efficient sources of carbon for nitrate and phosphorus removal. Recent research has focussed on the environmental and operational parameters important for maximizing the production of VFAs from sludges. In addition, research on the use of VFAs in the denitrification process and the use of VFAs as a co-substrate in the biodegradation of pesticides is being conducted.

  • Environmental engineering
  • Environmental engineering education
  • Biological Nitrogen Removal
  • Engineering and Environmental Ethics
  • Oxidation-Reduction potential control of wastewater treatment systems
  • Pesticide and arsenic removal via denitrification
  • Volatile fatty acids generation from anaerobic digestion


Recent Publications

  • Rochlani M., Leischner S., Wareham D., Caro S., Falla GC. and Wellner F. (2022) Investigating the performance-related properties of crumb rubber modified bitumen using rheology-based tests. International Journal of Pavement Engineering 23(3): 877-887.
  • Chouhan D., Bello-Mendoza R. and Wareham DG. (2017) MCPA biodegradation in an anoxic sequencing batch reactor (SBR). International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 14(2): 365-374.
  • Dudley Ward N. and Wareham D. (2017) Emergency Water Supply for Humanitarian Disaster Relief: A Field Exercise for Engineering Students. In preparation.
  • Elefsiniotis P., Wareham DG. and Fongsatitukul P. (2017) A comparison of anaerobic 2, 4-dichlorophenoxy acetic acid degradation in single-fed and sequencing batch reactor systems. In IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science 82(1)
  • Chouhan D., Bello-Mendoza R. and Wareham DG. (2016) Biodegradation of MCPA and nitrate removal in an anoxic SBR. In Proceedings of the 18th EWA International Symposium "Challenges Arising from Micro-Pollutants in Wastewater, Water and Environment", Munich, Germany: 70-78.
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