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Brett Berquist

Assistant Vice-Chancellor Engagement



17 October 2023

About Brett Berquist

Brett Berquist joined UC in 2022 to take up a new role created to reflect the institutional focus on engagement in the 2030 strategic plan Tangata Tū Tangata Ora. As Amokapua | Assistant Vice-Chancellor Engagement he leads UC’s engagement, institutional advancement, and strategic partnerships at a local, national and international level. 

He brings three decades of university experience in several countries, from lecturer to department head to senior administrator. His passion is collaboratively developing and implementing strategy to help institutions address changing conditions, demographics, and objectives.

His research interests include community engagement, work integrated learning, employability, internationalization and related government policies, outcomes of international learning mobility, quality assurance in mobility and transnational education. He is active in a number of professional associations and external reviews. He co-chaired the Global Internship Conference from 2012 to 2019.



  • MA Linguistics (honours)
  • BA Music and French Literature


Recent publications

Berquist, B. (2023). Enabling kiwi employability. In Loer Hanson, S. & Daniels, K. Enabling the Employability of University Graduates. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Berquist, B. & Credidio, M. (2023).  Building an effective agent engagement strategy to empower strategic growth: an in-depth case study University of Auckland.  In P. Nikula, V. Raimo, E. West (Eds.), Student Recruitment Agents in International Higher Education: A Multi-Stakeholder Perspective on Challenges and Best Practices.  London: Routledge. In Press.

Moore, A. & Berquist, B. (2023). How to amplify sustainability initiatives across campus and beyond. In K. McBride & P.T. Nikula (Eds), Sustainability in Education Abroad: Forum on Education Abroad Standards in Action Series. Carlyle, PA: Forum on Education Abroad.

Berquist, B., Calvert, J., Foley, M., & Jessee, S.  (2022). Passing the Mic: The Role of Outreach, Messaging, and Marketing in Building Inclusive Excellence in Education Abroad. In H. Barclay-Hamir & N. Gozik (Eds.), A House Where all Belong: Redesigning Education Abroad for Inclusive Excellence.  Carlyle, PA: Forum on Education Abroad.

Crawford, P. & Berquist, B. (Eds.) (2020). Community Engagement Abroad: Perspectives and practices on service, engagement, and learning overseas.  East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press.

Berquist, B. & Milano, J. (2020). Intersections between Service Learning and Study Abroad: A Framework for Community Engagement Abroad.  In P. Crawford & B. Berquist (Eds.), Community Engagement Abroad: Perspectives and practices on service, engagement, and learning overseas.  East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press.

Berquist, B., Hall, R., Morris-Lange, S., Shields, H., Stern, V., & Tran, L. T. (2019). Global perspectives on international student employability, International Education Association of Australia (IEAA), retrieved from

Berquist, B. & Moore, A. (2019).  Internationalization and Employability – the case of the kiwi Overseas Experience (OE). In R. Coelen & C. Gribble (Eds.), Internationalisation and Employability in Higher Education.  London: Routledge.

Berquist, B. (2019). Education Abroad.  In D. DiMaria (Ed.). Senior International Officers: Essential Roles and Responsibilities. Washington, DC: NAFSA.

Berquist, B., Moore, K., &  Milano, J. (Eds.). (2018). International internships: Mission, methods & models, a collection of papers from the Global Internship Conference. Boston, MA: Academic Internship Council.

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Potts, D. & Berquist, B. (2014) Researching Outcomes of International Learning Mobility: Taking the Next Steps.  Research Digest 1, International Education Association of Australia.

Dirkx, J., Janka Millar, K., Berquist, B., Vizvary, G. (2014). Graduate Student Learning Abroad: Emerging Trend?  International Higher Education, No. 77: Fall 2014.

Burgess, P. & Berquist, B. (2012) Cross-border projects, programs and providers. in The SAGE Handbook of International Higher Education. (Deardorff, Adams, Heyl, DeWit, Eds.)  SAGE.


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