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Sabrina Sparano

PHD CANDIDATE | Tessellation of modular dynamic design, fabrication, and programming of a reconfigurable sustainable structure

27 November 2023

Sabrina’s research aims to produce a sustainable and modular structure through investigating key ideas of: circularity, constructability (through modularity) and creativity (based on biomimicry principles). This concept moves away from a linear methodology of resource consumption and end of life disposal, embracing modularity and standardisation to incorporate circularity in the construction, put in place through reusing and reconstructing. More recently, the multifuctional or adaptable concept in designing is connected with the idea of durability. Generally something is considered a good product if its life is really long with no cost of maintenance or repair. Therefore her research is focused to find a different approach to the design process that is no longer bound to a static concept of beauty and tradition based on the durability. The idea of dynamism keeps current a process of revitalisation and modernisation, in order to adapt to any functional, climate or social change. The goal is to obtaine a new hybrid structure that is different to what has already been done (creativity); because it performs and adapts differently (constructability); is imbued with a molteplicity of purposes that the final stage or elimination is significantly postponed (circularity).




Start date: 2019

Proposed end date: 2022

Type of Position Sought: Academic, Industry, Research

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