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Moeen Gholami

Greywater treatment by natural biofilter

24 November 2023


      Moeen’s specific research interests center on water and wastewater treatment technologies, specifically advanced oxidation processes, natural biofilters, numerical modeling and simulation. He has been working as an environmental expert for six years in industry. Moeen completed a master’s degree in chemical engineering with focus on pulp and paper wastewater treatment, which sparked his interests in the removal of contaminants from water/wastewater and solving environmental issues. His PhD research, at the University of Canterbury, lies at the treatment of greywater by natural biofilters. More specifically, his research aims to the treatment of greywater using green wall systems with focusing on the application of 3D printed media for the removal of nutrients.


      Aisling O'Sullivan

      Hamish Mackey


      Start date: 2022

      Proposed end date: 2025

      Type of position sought: Academic, Industry

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