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Mahnaz Shahverdi

Membrane Separation in the Dairy Industry

24 November 2023

Location: Chemical and Process Engineering Wing room 204

Country of origin: Iran



Primary Supervisor: Ken Morison

Research Interests
  • Membrane processes
  • Separation processes
  • Food process engineering
Working thesis title

Membrane Separation in the Dairy Industry

Personal Interests

I love spending time with my family. Simplest things in my life give me the greatest pleasure such as a good chat, cooking a good meal or spending time with my friends. I like travelling, discovering new places and experiencing new things.

Campus Life

I really enjoy UC and its warm and relaxed campus culture. Here, I know that I am surrounded by people who care about my success and education.          

I really enjoy Christchurch because it is a great place to live. It is close to nature with breathtaking outdoors just around the corner and friendly people who just make it even more awesome.

I really enjoy New Zealand because of its welcoming people and beautiful nature. A picturesque country with high quality of life makes NZ a pretty great living place for me.

Academic History
  • Bachelor’s degree: Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran (2003-2007)
  • Master’s Degree: Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), Tehran, Iran (2007-2010)
Professional History
  • Instructor at the University of Applied Science and Technology, (Jan. 2012- Jun 2014).
  • Process engineer at Sigma Tadbir Engineers Company, (Dec. 2010-Sep. 2011).
  • Baheri, M. Shahverdi, M. Rezakazemi, E. Motaee, T. Mohammadi, “Performance of PVA/NaA mixed matrix membrane for removal of water from ethylene glycol solutions by pervaporation”, Volume 202, Issue 3, Pages 316-321, Jun 2014, Chemical Engineering Communications.
  • Shahverdi, B. Baheri, M. Rezakazemi, E. Motaee, T. Mohammadi, “Pervaporation study of ethylene glycol dehydration through (PVA-4A)/polypropylene mixed matrix composite membranes”, Volume 53, Issue 7, pages 1487–1493, July 2013, Polymer Engineering and Science Journal.
  • Shahverdi, T. Mohammadi, A. Pak, "Separation of ethylene glycol/water mixtures using composite poly(vinyl alcohol)–poly(propylene) membranes" Volume 119, Issue 3, pages 1704–1710, 5 February 2011, Journal of Applied Polymer Science.
  • Rezakazemi, M. Shahverdi, S. Shirazian, T. Mohammadi, A. Pak, “CFD simulation of water removal from water/ethylene glycol mixtures by pervaporation”, Volume 168, Issue 1, Pages 60-67, 15 March 2011, Journal of Chemical Engineering.
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