Wananga landing Wananga landing

Liye Yan


A multi-generational analysis of Chinese migrants' and mainland Chinese attitudes toward food

19 February 2024

Studying towards a Doctor of Philosophy in Marketing

Country of origin: China

Location: Level 2, Karl Popper Building


Julia Yan has a background in English language teaching and she obtained her first master degree in Applied Linguistics and TESOL at University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK. She came to New Zealand in 2017 and received her second master degree in Tourism at University of Otago. She is currently in her first year of her PhD in Marketing at University of Canterbury. Her current research is on migrants’ food consumption behavior. She is an interpretivist by conducting qualitative researches.



Primary Supervisor: Chris Chen
Co-Supervisor: Michael Hall
Additional Supervisor: Girish Prayag


Working thesis title

A qualitative study on the comparison of Chinese mainlanders and Chinese migrants’ food consumption behaviour from an intergenerational perspective

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