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Hannes Diener

23 November 2023
Research Interests

My main research interests are algorithmic aspects of analysis and topology. Even though classical existence results are often reasonably simple to prove, their proofs mostly do not contain any information of how to actually find these objects. The subtleties and intricacies of giving constructive content in analytical and topological theorems is therefore a valuable task, especially if one is interested in the implementation of those results.


    Recent Publications
    • Diener H. and Hendtlass M. (2019) (Seemingly) Impossible Theorems in Constructive Mathematics. arXiv.
    • Diener H. and Lubarsky RS. (2019) Weakenings of Cauchy convergence. In 12th International Conference on Computability and Complexity in Analysis, CCA 2015 - Proceedings: 16-17.
    • Diener H. (2018) Constructive Reverse Mathematics (Habilitationsschrift). Siegen, Germany: Universität Siegen.
    • Diener H. and Hendtlass M. (2018) Bishop’s Lemma. Mathematical Logic Quarterly 64 1-2: 49-54.
    • Diener H. and Hendtlass M. (2018) The Third Trick. arXiv.
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