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Cameron Davis


PhD Candidate

22 November 2023

Research Title:  

Optimising on-demand transportation for urban networks considering mutual traffic interactions and electric vehicles

Main supervisor: A/Prof. Mehdi Keyvan-Ekbatani
    • Other supervisors: Dr. Cong Quoc Tran
• Email:
• Social urls:
• Base degree: BE(Hons) in Civil Engineering from University of Canterbury in 2022

Research Interests: 

Cameron is a PhD student in the Complex Transport Systems Laboratory. His research centres around the modelling and optimisation of shared on-demand transportation services, particularly considering urban traffic dynamics and interactions between the on-demand fleet and surrounding traffic. He is also interested in how transportation systems will evolve with new developments such as autonomous electric vehicles and mobility as a service.

Personal Interests:  

Cameron is a violinist and singer, and in 2023 was awarded a University of Canterbury Tohu Kahurangi | Blues Award for his achievements in music. He is a member of the New Zealand Youth Choir along with multiple local groups.

Personal or academic and or professional history:

Cameron and his project partner Chelsea Sole were awarded the SFPE UC Undergraduate Award for Fire Engineering Project and UC CNRE First Prize for Final Year Project for their honours project "Investigating movement through smoke in virtual reality". In 2023 they presented their work at the 14th International Symposium on Fire Safety Science in Japan and the revised article was published in the Fire Safety Journal.


Davis, C., Sole, C., Khan, H., & Nilsson, D. (2023). Investigating movement through smoke in virtual reality. Fire Safety Journal, 140, 103890.

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