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Baptiste Hamon

PhD Candidate

22 November 2023

Agriculture Profitability, Resilience and Sustainability in Uncertain Future: A Decision Support Tool for policy Development in New Zealand.

  • Base Degree : Master of Sciences (Grenoble-Alpes University, FRANCE)

    Baptiste is a Ph.D. candidate in Agricultural Modelling at the University of Canterbury. Baptiste is very concerned about the challenges that humanity is facing today and may face in the future, especially the current climate change and its consequences, but also other environmental and economic issues, the energy crisis...

    His MSc in Climatology, led him to work on the impacts of climate change on the Marlborough wine region (New Zealand) and on adaptation solutions for wine growers. Baptiste's current research focuses on modelling New Zealand's agricultural system and its transition to sustainable, profitable, and resilient agriculture in the future. His PhD is part of the multi-institution Food Transition 2050 initiative, which focuses on creating a sustainable food future and funds his research through a scholarship.


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