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Sepideh Ansari

PhD Candidate

Development of novel biobased 3D-printed adsorbents for nutrients removal from wastewater

27 November 2023
Qualifications & Memberships

    Sepideh's research interests lie broadly in the fields of water and wastewater reuse, eco-friendly wastewater treatment systems, and wastewater biodegradability improvement.

    She has done research on environmental-friendly wastewater treatment systems, physical-chemical processes to treat high-strength wastewater and wastewater reuse for agricultural irrigation. The outcomes of her research have been published in different journals.

    Also, she has worked as an environmental engineer in different consulting engineering companies in Iran. She worked on various projects such as water and wastewater quality analysis for reuse purposes, biosolid management, the evaluation of natural treatment processes as a tertiary-treatment technology, site selection of water and wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), and inland desalination plants.



    Ricardo Bello-Mendoza

    Aisling O'Sullivan


    Start date: 2022

    Proposed end date: 2025 

    Type of position sought: Industry, Academic

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