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Mike Smith

Adjunct Professorial Fellow | Jean Monnet Professor of European Politics

+44 (0)1509 222990

Loughborough University, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

22 February 2024

Current research

European-American relations since 1945, European Community external policy making, EC/US/Japan relations, and the role of the European Union in a changing European order, as well as general topics in international relations and policy making.


Other research interests

  • Relations between the EU and its major economic partners/competitors in the industrial world
  • European Union external policy making
  • Negotiation in and by the European Union
  • EU-US relations and policy making
  • Linking processes between internal and external negotiation
  • International policymaking and foreign policymaking
  • EU relations with the United States, Japan and Asian new industrial economies

Keywords: European Union, external policymaking, negotiation, United States, Japan, Pacific Asia, foreign policy, world politics

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