eliza turnbull portrait Wananga landing

Eliza Turnbull

Industry Lead

13 February 2024


With over two decades of diverse industry experience, Eliza Turnbull is a seasoned professional specialising in sustainability, brand and marketing communications, as well as culture and leadership development.


Beginning her career as a purpose-driven marketer, Eliza quickly became adept at understanding consumer needs and motivating action. Recognising the profound impact of shared values on team dynamics, she transitioned into collaborating with businesses to optimise their organisational culture.


Eliza's journey led her to the forefront of sustainability initiatives, an area increasingly vital to both consumers and businesses alike. She founded her consultancy Kindred Collective in 2019 to assist businesses in adopting a robust approach to sustainability that aligns with core business objectives while enhancing internal culture, communications and brand reputation. Her holistic understanding of the interconnectedness between sustainability, culture, brand, and business enables her to guide leaders and their teams towards impactful strategies and initiatives.

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