How to get information during an emergency

In the event of an emergency due to an incident or extreme weather, a number of sources may be used to provide information.

UC is mindful that its staff live and work across a wide area. Some incidents will impact differently in different areas. Earthquakes may feel severe in some places but not others. Some incidents may cause some areas to be evacuated. All of these issues can create doubt about whether the campus will be open following an incident.

In the event of an incident, staff who are off campus should assume campus remains open unless they are told otherwise, or it is obvious from other sources such as the media or Civil Defence that it will not be. If the campus is open but staff are unable to get there, they should advise their manager.

A guideline for inspection of UC buildings following an earthquake is when a 5.5 or greater within 50 kilometres of Christchurch. UC buildings may also be inspected following less severe events closer to Christchurch.

UC will endeavour to contact staff as soon as possible after an event, and after the outcome of any inspection is known. UC will endeavour to communicate by 6pm at the latest for events during the day, and by 7am for significant events occurring overnight. Staff starting work on campus very early in the morning should contact the UC Security office for an update prior to starting work.

UC will communicate to staff and students and key stakeholders by email as a first step. It will also post on the UC Facebook page and on Twitter. This is intended to compensate for loss of internet access through powercuts or evacuation, by providing information searchable from a mobile device. Both UC’s Facebook page and Twitter account are public accounts not requiring membership to view content. Searching for University of Canterbury in a search engine will locate the UC Facebook page. Likewise, searching @UCNZ will locate UC’s Twitter feed. The instructions for mobile devices may be viewed on UC's Intercom or opened in PDF (477KB).

UC will not post this information on the UC website as a matter of course, but may post information online if the event is significant and ongoing.

Closure due to a weather event

See also Returning to normal after a storm for expectations of staff and students.