How to get information during an emergency

Be in the know. Know what to do. An emergency is considered an unplanned event that impacts the safety and wellbeing of UC students and staff. This could include things like flooding, fire, pandemic and more.  

In the case of campus emergencies, theUniversity website will be updated with community information as soon as it is available, usually within 15 - 20 minutes of the first message alert, which will appear on the home screen of the UC website. All updates will be posted to the University website.  

The University of Canterbury is committed to providing timely warnings and/or emergency notifications in situations that represent a serious or continuing threat to the campus community.  

How to find information in an Emergency

  • On the web—Visit for detailed campus closure, emergency information and regular updates. 
  • By email—Check your official university email after an emergency for support and resource information. 
  • On social media—Like UC on Facebook 
  • On your mobile device—Receive push notifications on your mobile device and/or tablet with UCGO. 
  • On the staff and student blogs -  
  • Ki Te Tahi - the staff intranet. 
  • Tūpono [aka the Insider's Guide to UC].