Te Whare Ākonga o Te Akatoki

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Te Whare Ākonga o Te Akatoki

The Whare is a place where Māori students can study, relax and meet other Māori students at Canterbury. It is used primarily for private study, group study sessions and tutorials, student meetings, checking emails and catching up with friends over a coffee. Māori students can apply to UC Security for access to the Whare during the academic year. It is well equipped with study rooms, meeting space and a computer room. Kitchen facilities are available if students wish to cook food during their studies. The Whare also has shower facilities.

Te Whare Ākonga o Te Akatoki is unable to be used for sleeping and/or overnight stays by students or external groups. Noho marae should be booked at local marae such as Tuahiwi, Taumutu, Rehua and other marae on Banks Peninsula. Contacts for booking these marae are as follows:

Conditions of use

  •  I will use the Canterbury card reader and my PIN to access the building. Failure to follow this procedure will result in card access being terminated.
  • That only I, the person identified on my Canterbury Card, will enter the Whare and I accept responsibility for any person who enters the Whare via my card access.
  • That I will adhere to the Whare Policy and comply with the UC Building Access and Procedures Policy
  • That I will adhere to the UC Student Code of Conduct.

More student spaces

The University has a number of student spaces available for study, socialising and relaxing.  See map of student spaces to identify one near you.