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The Art of Epic Communication

21 August 2023

Are you keen to learn how to confidently design, develop, and deliver content that builds trust and respect so you can win the hearts, minds, and wallets of any audience on any stage? Check out our short course, 'The Art of Epic Communication'.


Are you ready to transform the way you communicate and unleash your full potential? The Art of Epic Communication workshop is your gateway to conquering communication challenges and reaping substantial rewards for your personal brand and business profits.

Join us for this intensive one-day interactive workshop, designed to equip you with the most coveted leadership skill in both business and life – the power to communicate confidently, concisely, and coherently. Learn how to masterfully craft, develop, and deliver content that forges connections built on trust, respect, and likability. Whether you're addressing a large audience or a small team, this workshop will empower you to win hearts, minds, and wallets on any stage.

Elevate your new communication prowess with the confidence to shine on camera, making you a persuasive and compelling communicator. Your journey through this workshop promises to amplify your leadership presence, elevate your personal brand, and supercharge your marketing potential.

What will you gain?

Speaking well is not an innate talent. It takes determination, dedication, discipline and direction. This workshop is fast-paced and practical application-focused on “learn something, then do something”.

You will learn:

  • Effective Strategies: Overcome common communication pitfalls
  • Message Model Mastery: Craft messages aligned with audience needs
  • Neutralizing Bias: Keep audiences engaged and receptive
  • Physical Presence: Control body language and mirror neuron effects
  • Charismatic Tactics: Implement 6 out of 12 Charismatic Leadership Tactics
  • Neuro-Inclusive Approach: Speak to diverse audience preferences
  • Camera Confidence: Deliver with poise in front of the lens

The skills taught are transferable across a range of applications including public speaking, keynote speaking, podcast or video interviews, speaking on panels, meeting presentations, sales and marketing, consultations and meetings, delivering workshops, performance coaching, building rapport and much more.


Course structure

This one-day workshop runs from 8.30am to 5.00pm, and is for anyone wanting to improve their public speaking, pitching and presenting skills.

You will learn some of the same skills that have helped people such as Emily Blythe (CEO of Pyper Vision and New Zealand Innovator of the year 2023) and Lilia Tawara (speaker and bestselling author of ‘Daughter of Gloriavale: My life in a religious cult’) become successful communicators.

The course is broken into three sections and will help you with internal, external, in-person or to camera communications.  You will receive and implement developmental feedback, as well as examining your delivery style to uncover areas for improvement. 

You will leave with a personally developed customer success story, and a total of six presentations to camera for review.

Course Facilitator

Michael Philpott

Michael is an expert in public speaking, presenting and pitching who is dedicated to helping them achieve outstanding results.

No other coach offers his credentials, experience and singleness of purpose.

His powerful obsession with adult teaching and learning stemmed from engaging with master trainer, Dr. Rich Allen, in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and America.

Comments from previous participants

Loved it 100%. Thank you Michael for sharing your tips and creating a comfortable environment to grow my confidence! I had so much fun!!!

Angela Lei, PwC Global ESG Reporting & Assurance

It was indeed epic! Lots of learning, belly laughs and the odd doh moment. Thank you for leading like a boss Michael Philpott.

Nic Kennedy, CEO Flux Federation

Ka nui te mihi e hoa, you’re an amazing jedi! Thanks for an awesome learning journey into the art of epic communication – pitch, presso, and purpose.

Aisha Ross, Hillfarrance VC and Ngā Ruahine Trust

If you're looking to elevate your communication skills to new heights, Michael Philpott's course is a must. Thank you for an empowering and enlightening experience!

Aliza Rowlands, Head of Data & Analytics, UC Digital Services

Upcoming course dates

If you wish to pay by invoice, please email us.



Ilam campus, University of Canterbury



$1,700 including GST.

Course fees include catering (all dietary requirements catered for), booking fees and on-site parking.

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