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Applied Decision Making

27 February 2024

Are you keen to learn techniques to improve your decision-making, even under pressure, to secure the best outcomes? Check out our Applied Decision Making short course.


This two-day foundational course will teach you how to ‘Kill your Darlings’ so your organisation’s strategies are fit-for-purpose.

What will you gain?

You will:

  • Learn about the neuroscience behind how your brain and emotions work under pressure and how this can trick you into holding fast, even when letting go would be better;
  • Understand the need to put time aside to work on the big decisions, and how you may need to ‘get out of your own way’ to make great decisions;
  • Learn the common challenges facing today’s leaders and how to perform under pressure;
  • Draw from diverse industries and geographies to become skilled in a range of decision-making models and styles that are adaptable and applicable in today’s complex environments; and
  • Learn how to ‘Kill your Darlings’ so your organisation’s strategies are fit-for-purpose.


Course structure 

This course uses group discussion and provides you with tools and techniques to take away and apply in your business immediately. You will use several decision-making models to help make strategic decisions, see risk and upside and get clarity on ‘how to’ in today’s complex world.

Course Facilitator

Melissa Davies

With deep experience over twenty years in commercialising thousands of new ideas and products in large listed engineering companies and agile tech start-ups and more across Australia and NZ, Melissa is committed to helping business shape and implement strategies that enable them and their leaders to thrive today and well into the future. To do so, leaders need to form and lead diverse teams and make tough decisions.

Comments from previous participants

Melissa Davies is an inspirational speaker with an evidenced record of putting her doctrines into actual business situations. Her “Killing your Darlings” seminar is thought-provoking and should be part of the essential toolkit for any busy executive faced with ongoing critical decision-making. The lessons learned in this seminar will aid anyone in focusing on and communicating their core business needs.

Anita Brockhouse, Employment Resolution Consultants - Trainer and Advocate

When trying to improve on a particular skill or change a certain behaviour, the very first thing we need to do is become aware of it and comprehend how that skill or behaviour works.“How to Kill Your Darlings” does exactly that. It gives you information and insight that inspires you to better understand how your brain works when faced with challenging choices, which translates into an incredibly powerful tool for making better and quicker decisions. Certainly a must-have skill, not only for every management position out there but in all areas of life. Melissa was amazing at sharing her extensive knowledge with us and at making sure everyone felt comfortable and heard, which really contributed to a richer experience.

Bianca Chinaglia, Social & Account Lead, Ruffells 

Upcoming Course Dates

If you wish to pay by invoice, please email us.



Ilam campus, University of Canterbury



$1,500 including GST.

Course fees include catering (all dietary requirements catered for), booking fees and on-site parking.

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