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Key search tools

21 November 2023

You can search the UC library collections for books, journal articles, artwork, and more. These items are listed in our library catalogue, databases, heritage collections, and archives. Learn about key search tools for UC libraries.

Library catalogue

Search the UC Library catalogue for our physical and selected electronic resources to aid your study.

Kā Kohika

Search Macmillan Brown Library's collections of art, archives, photographs and architectural drawings.

Online journals

To search for specific journals.

Online databases

Databases provide access to a vast amount of material published in journals, newspapers, legal and other specialist collections.

Licensing and access restrictions

Content from databases may only be used for the purpose of UC teaching, study or research. Licensing and access restrictions apply to most content, including ebooks and databases.

  • A reasonable quantity of excerpts may be downloaded for the purpose of UC teaching, study or research. Substantial subsets of data or content may not be created.
  • Data or content may not be copied, sold or provided for any commercial purpose.
  • Data or content may not be provided to anyone who is not a member of UC.
  • Several of our databases provide access to video. In some cases this may be restricted to users 18 and over. Where this applies, you must be 18 years of age or older to access this material. Please exercise caution.

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