Grading scale

The University's Grading Scale applies to all preparatory, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses offered at UC.

The table below compares the letter grade, GPA value and marks awarded.

GradeGPA valueMarks
A+ 9 90-100
A 8 85-89.9
A- 7 80-84.9
B+ 6 75-79.9
B 5 70-74.9
B- 4 65-69.9
C+ 3 60-64.9
C 2 55-59.9
C- 1 50-54.9
D 0 40-49.9
E -1 0-39.9

Grades A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C and C- are all passing grades. Grades D and E are fail grades.

You may also see other grades on your transcript as shown below:

Non-numerical gradeGPA valueDefinition
P n/a Pass
F n/a Fail
S n/a Special pass
R Restricted pass #
X -3 Dishonesty
I n/a Incomplete*


#Restricted credit is equivalent to a pass for all purposes except as a prerequisite and may only be applied to taught or project courses. A student with a restricted credit may apply to re-enrol in a course to obtain non-restricted credit. No more than 15 points of a restricted credit of final level courses can be credited to a qualification. The final level for a 360-point Bachelor qualification is 300-level, and is any level course for graduate and postgraduate qualifications. 

* Used for abandoned PhDs or where a Master's level has been awarded instead of a PhD.

The Final point's value and grade for your courses will be shown on your student transcript after the release of results. The dates for the release of the grades can be found on the Key Date page.

Further information about marking and grading at UC can be found in the General Conditions for Credit Regulations. 

How to calculate a Grade Point Average

A grade point average (GPA) is calculated by multiplying the grade point achieved by the number of points for the course. the multiplied figures are then added together, and divided by the total number of points and the grade point value is mapped back to a letter grade.

CoursesCredit Value of the CourseGradeGrade point valueGrade point x course creditPoints achieved
MGMT100 15 points A- 7 7 points x 15 credits 105
GEOG205 15 points C+ 3 3 points x 15 credits 45
LAWS203 30 points A+ 9 9 points x 30 credits 270
LAWS206 30 points B- 4 4 points x 30 credits 120

To calculate the grade point average for the courses:

Total credit value for the courses studied
Total grade point achieved
Total grade points divided by total credit valueAverage Grade points
90 540 540/90 6 or B+

The GPA is often used as:

  • entry criteria into a higher level of study (i.e. Honours or a Masters Degree); or
  • a condition for the award of a scholarship i.e. if you need to maintain a certain level of GPA as a funding condition or to meet eligibility criteria.

if you are studying a qualification which can be awarded with Honours or Distinction, this is likely to be awarded using specific criteria and/or with differing weightings. If you have any questions about the calculation of Honours or Distinctions, please refer to the General Conditions for Credit Regulations or speak with one of the UC student advisors.

For all enquiries please contact:

Ross James

Amo Paeroa Akoranga
Dean (Academic Governance)
Matariki Level 2, Nth
Internal Phone: 93583