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Scholarships and Fees Free FAQs

14 November 2023

If you're eligible for Fees Free study but you also receive a scholarship that pays for your first year of tuition fees at UC, the scholarship can be deferred until your following year of study. This gives you two years of fees-free study at UC (one year funded by UC and one by the Government). Check out our scholarships and Fees Free FAQs.


If you have received a Scholarship and are also eligible for fees-free study, the UC Scholarships Office will be in touch with you. To check your eligibility for fees-free tertiary study, visit




What is a Tuition Fee Scholarship?

Some UC scholarships contribute towards a student’s tuition fees and others pay cash or contribute towards other costs such as Halls of Accommodation. Each scholarship has regulations covering what it will pay for. Scholarship information is available online.


If fees are free, will I still get my tuition fee scholarship?

Tuition fee scholarships will still be awarded - if a tuition scholarship student is eligible for fees-free study, tuition scholarships will be applied to the second year of study.


What does deferral to second year tuition fees mean?

Deferral means UC will pay your scholarship towards your tuition fees when you enrol in your second year of study instead of your first year. This approach is intended to ensure UC students are not disadvantaged, and to maintain a simple and equitable process for all UC students.


I have a scholarship that pays cash or other non-tuition fees, will I still get the scholarship?

All other conditions of all other scholarship will remain the same. If a scholarship was to be paid in cash, it will be paid in cash.


I'm an international student who has a tuition fee scholarship, what will happen to my scholarship?

International students are ineligible for fees-free study. Any students not eligible for fees-free study who have tuition scholarships, including international students, will benefit from their scholarship in their first year.


Why can’t I just have the cash instead of deferring my scholarship to second year?

UC has decided to defer payment to second year tuition fees because this extends the financial support to students over two years, does not disadvantage students and it maintains a simple and equitable process for all students.


I am getting a scholarship that is not for tuition fees, can I defer payment to my second year tuition fees?

Only scholarships that contribute towards first year tuition fees are affected by the fees-free scheme. All other scholarships will be paid as normal.


What will happen to my fee scholarship if I don't come back in my second year or if I change my programme of study?

If you do not return to study at UC in your second year you will still hold the scholarship in name and there will be no tuition fees to pay. If you change your programme of study you will still have your second year tuition fees covered by the scholarship as long as you meet the other scholarship criteria. The scholarship is only available at UC.


What will happen if I have been offered more than one tuition fee scholarship?

All conditions of the scholarship remain the same other than the timing of the payment of tuition fees. This includes any co-tenability clauses covering whether the scholarship may be held with another scholarship.


There are non-tuition fee components to my fee scholarship (e.g. leadership programmes, course-related costs, mentoring etc.), what will happen to these?

All conditions of the scholarship remain the same other than the timing of the payment of tuition fees.

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