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Past Finance Professional Speakers

13 January 2024

Check out our past Finance professional speakers for the UC Finance Professional Speaker Series.


Alternative Investments - An introduction to a Niche Real Asset Class (Timberland and Agriculture) 

  • Ian Jolly
  • Partner at The Rohatyn Group

West Coast Economic Development: Resource Rich, Value Poor

  • Heath Milne,
  • CEO at Development West Coast Development West Coast | West Coast NZ

A Changing Investment World - Challenges and Trends for Asset Management 

  • Andrew Wilson
  • Former CEO of Goldman Sachs Asset Management International for EMEA (GSAMI), Chairman of Global Fixed Income and Liquidity Solutions within Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM)

Shareholder Activism and Investor Behaviour

  • Oliver Mander
  • CEO of the New Zealand Shareholder Association (NZSA)

What is Corporate Finance and Investment Banking and How Do I get a Job in that Sector?

  • Craig Brownie
  • Managing Director of Bancorp New Zealand Group

Some Inconvenient Truths About Investing

  • Damon O’Brien
  • Chief Investment Officer at Consilium

Forecasting the Economy & Markets

  • Imre Speizer
  • Senior Market Strategist Westpac

Current Structural Issues Facing NZ Investors

  • Andrew Johnson
  • Director at FireSuper Trustee Limited, former head of Asset Consulting Russell Investments
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