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Business STAR courses

28 August 2023

UC Business School offers a number of Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR) courses to secondary school students. These are available on campus and by distance learning. Find out about UC Business STAR courses.


STAR students can enrol in almost any first-year course with the approval of the course coordinator and the student’s secondary school. The STAR programme allows talented students to extend their learning and earn points towards their UC degree by successfully completing our 100-level (first-year) Commerce courses. The STAR programme is suitable for challenging and advancing students' knowledge in their subject areas, and as added preparation for NCEA Scholarship exams.


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STAR On-campus Courses 2024

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STAR Distance Courses 2024

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STAR courses
ACCT 102Accounting and Financial Information
ACCT 103Introduction to Financial Accounting
ECON 104Introduction to Microeconomics
ECON 105*Introduction to Macroeconomics
ECON 199Introduction to Microeconomics (NOTE: available by distance only)
INFO 123Introduction Systems and Technology
INFO 125Introduction to Programming with Databases
MGMT 100Fundamentals of Management
MKTG 100Principles of Marketing
MGMT 170Managerial Decision Making

*Note: Econ 105 has a distance and non-distance option.

Check out the full list of on-campus and distance STAR courses offered at UC.

NOTE: School holidays and university holidays are at different times. 

Course workload

As a general guide, a 15-point course at UC such as ECON 104 should equate to a workload of about 150 hours. If the course is run over one semester (as opposed to whole-year courses), this is a workload of just over eight hours a week on average, that includes the time spent in lectures and tutorials. Students and the STAR coordinators should check the timetable information for the on-campus lectures and tutorials. Distance courses such as ECON 199 are delivered via the online learning system (Learn). ECON 199 is a 15-point course run over the whole year and has a workload of around four hours a week on average.



We offer both ECON 104 and ECON 105 courses free of charge to students who are studying on campus. 

Both domestic and international STAR students fees* in 2020 is $550 per course. Once you have enrolled as a STAR student, you will have access to learn, student email and a Canterbury card to access the library.

*tuition fee is for a 15-point standard STAR course. Textbooks, if required, are not included in the tuition fee, please see the brochure for more details.


How to enrol

Please see the information on the University’s STAR Programme website (How to apply tab) for information on how to enrol.

To find out more about STAR Business courses

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