Biological Sciences
Te Kura Pūtaiao Koiora

Biology spans all types of organisms, all scales of biological systems - from molecules to ecosystems - and all research perspectives from energetics to evolution.

At undergraduate level we offer a diverse range of courses from which students mix and match to suit their needs and interests within our Biological Sciences and Biochemistry majors.The diversity continues at postgraduate level, where students choose from specialist subject majors.

Across the range of biology disciplines there are research opportunities that use gene technologies, electron microscopes and satellite images. Studying biology with UC can take you to field stations throughout New Zealand's South Island, to Antarctica or even the other side of the world.

We provide teaching and a curriculum that is internationally recognised.  Our researchers provide expertise to local and international communities and as scientists we aim always to push out the frontiers of knowledge as well as acting as a critic and conscience of society.

Biological Sciences graduates are in high demand in industries such as agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, oceanography, entomology, brewing and pharmaceuticals. Science graduates can also be found in upper levels of management utilising their superior analytical and innovative thinking.

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