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Patients, Engineers, Researchers and Clinicians (PERC) - brewing rehab innovations together

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The PERC project brings patients, engineers, researchers and clinicians together to develop rehabilitation technologies and bioengineering applications to foster recovery.

The patient is the centre of this team and contributes valued input to research and development through onsite clinical services. Clinical services are consistently available to our patient partners, facilitating not only their individual recovery following stroke, but importantly enabling them to make substantial contributions to how rehabilitation is provided in the future.

The PERC team uses an ongoing series of focus groups with patients, engineers, researchers and clinicians to highlight crucial limitations to rehabilitation success and to develop technological solutions. The PERC project allows patients to not only contribute actively to their own rehabilitation but to the real potential for rehabilitation of others.

Eric, a 33 year old fireman who suffered a series of strokes, stated: "Because I can't help people like I did in the fire service, I would do whatever I can to help those in my situation."

The PERC project is funded by the Farina Thompson Charitable Trust.

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We are brewing ideas and sharing information about engineering applications for rehabilitation and would welcome feedback from other patient, engineers, researchers or clinicians, wherever you are. If you are keen to participate, please ask to join our Facebook Group for the PERC project.