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Award-winning Commerce student inspired by politics, equity & maths

05 July 2022

Bachelor of Commerce student Courtney Comley

#EFMDEQUIS reaccreditation One of six students to win the University of Canterbury’s second-year award for excellence, Courtney Comley chose to study a Bachelor of Commerce at UC because of her love for maths, politics and a more equitable society. A major in Economics ticked all those boxes for her.

First in her immediate family to attend university, encouraged she says by great friends and peers, she has achieved one of the highest-grade point averages at UC for second year students and been awarded a Reserve Bank Scholarship, which provides funding, a mentor for three years, and career advice.

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 - Quality Education Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 4 - Quality Education

Courtney says, she was chilling with friends who were talking about internships when she decided to have look at the Reserve Bank for internship opportunities and saw the scholarship. “It closed the next day, I decided to go for it anyway, just in case and the whole process including the interview was really good.”

At UC Courtney joined QCanterbury, a natural progression from the community Courtney was involved in at high school. “I’m a part of the Rainbow Community and one of my good friends is the Vice-President, so it is something I’m passionate about which is important to me when taking on extra-curricular activities.” 

As a QCanterbury executive she has seen massive growth over the past year. “I think UC genuinely tries to amplify minority voices. The community’s become more accepting - a few years ago it was a struggle to get members, now we can barely fit everyone into events due to growth,” she says.

Courtney is already thinking about life after UC and while she is still unsure about what to do next, her aim is to do something she loves.

“I’ve started tutoring people as my job. The only thing I want when I’m older is to genuinely enjoy the day to day. I love uni, and want to keep that joy.”  

The support from UC student advisors and lecturers helped Courtney plan courses for a degree that she is passionate about, something she believes will help her into a career she’ll love

And her advice for people new to UC is “don’t be afraid to change your mind. If you decide at high school that you really love physics and want to go into engineering, and after semester one you find it’s not for you, change. Get a degree you care about, because there is a higher chance you’ll like the job on the other side.”  

It’s stories like this that reflect the University of Canterbury Business School’s meaningful research, empowered students, and quality education, which are all strengths that have led to EQUIS reaccreditation. Explore all that’s on offer when you study or engage with the triple crown accredited UC Business School here – the University of Canterbury school that’s in the business of making a difference.

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