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The Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies was founded through a bequest from the late Professor John Macmillan Brown (1846-1935). A founding Professor of the University of Canterbury and a former Vice-Chancellor of the University of New Zealand, he spent a considerable amount of time travelling and studying the countries of the Pacific.


The vision for MBC is to harness available opportunities and synergies to build MBC into:

  • A world class and leading centre for interdisciplinary and innovative Pacific research through deepening and expansion of its research expertise and publications.
  • A leading think-tank for Pacific public policy through consultancy, policy research, training and advisory role.
  • The major centre for Pacific research resources through its comprehensive database on Pacific issues.
  • A world leader in critical discussions and intellectual innovation on Pacific issues.

Mission statement

The mission of the Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies is to promote and advance scholarship and understanding of the Pacific region, including Aotearoa New Zealand, its people, societies and cultures; histories; arts; politics; environment and resources; developments and future.

Strategic Action Plan

More details about MBC's vision, aims and strategy can be found in our Strategic Action Plan.

MBC Director

Steven Ratuva

Locke 105
Internal Phone: 95952

Macmillan Brown Centre Advisory Committee

The Macmillan Brown Centre Advisory Committee is a board that advises the Director and is appointed by the UC Vice-Chancellor.

Paul Millar

Karl Popper 503
Internal Phone: 94413

Natalie Baird

Senior Lecturer
Co-Director of the LLM (ILAP)
Meremere 419
Internal Phone: 93801

Piers Locke

Senior Lecturer
Psychology Staff Block 303
Internal Phone: 94390

Tara Ross

Senior Lecturer
Elsie Locke 609
Internal Phone: 95846

Jane Buckingham

Associate Professor
Honours Co-ordinator (History)
Karl Popper 504
Internal Phone: 95519

Joanna Condon

Kaiwhakahaere Taonga Tuku Iho
Manager, Macmillan Brown Library & Heritage Collections
Macmillan Brown Library Rm 225B
Internal Phone: 93915

Liz Keneti

Director, Student Success
Forestry 103
Internal Phone: 93374

Yvonne Crichton-Hill

Senior Lecturer
Music 107
Internal Phone: 94328