To get to and from Uni there are many transport options. Biking, walking or bussing are more sustainable options compared to driving, and by choosing a more sustainable option you’ll cut the time and money you spend on travel as well as reduce your emissions. And if you still have to drive regularly, try carpooling or at least using another mode once a week (every bit helps!).

What are the best ways of getting to University?

  • See the results of the UC Commuter Challenge. Different travel modes were raced against each other to see what mode most commonly reached University the fastest, including people finding a legitimate park.
  • Driving your car may not be the optimum mode! Check out our Driving to UC Calculator, to see how much your car is really costing you.

UC Transport Survey

Since 1966, the University of Canterbury has conducted a survey into the travel habits of all students and staff. Read the results from the 2020 Travel Survey The Travel Survey is set to be conducted again in 2024.

UC Transport Advisory Panel

Sustainable transport planning for UC is guided by a Transport Advisory Panel which consists of representatives of a range of different stakeholders with an interest in sustainable transport and the university.

The Transport Advisory Panel has developed an Issues and options paper, which outlines current high level issues and options for different transport modes, including cycling, walking, busing, and private transport.


Cycling has to be the best way to get to UC! Find out about UC Cycling Facilities here including services for cyclists like Dr Bike, our free weekly bike repair service.


More information about your busing options here.


Stay safe while walking - more info here.


Find a carpool buddy and safe money!


How to make the most of your driving.