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Identifying odd behaviour

30 October 2023

The common thread across all cybersecurity protection is to be alert and think about your online life and experience. Use your experience and discuss with others the digital world we live in to identify imposters and strange behaviour. Learn more about identifying odd behaviour.


If something seems odd, it probably is odd

Things to look for when using computers and other devices:

  • Is your device performing slower than normal?
  • Does your device seem to be going through battery faster?
  • Are you getting random pop-ups?
  • Is your device crashing more often?
  • Changes to your internet home page browser
  • New toolbars on your internet browser
  • Higher than normal data usage
  • Unusual messages or programmes that start by themselves
  • Is your security software disabled?
  • New or unfamiliar icons or apps
  • Storage space is unexpectedly running low

If you think a device you use might be showing some of these signs, report it to a technical support team. At UC you can report issues in the following ways.


Be vigilant

It is just as important to report odd behaviour around computers and devices. This could include:

  • People using log in details that aren’t their own.
  • ‘Tailgating’, when a person tags along with another person who is authorized to gain entry into a restricted area
  • Someone inserting USB devices in equipment so it is hidden.
  • Copying data from a controlled source onto portable storage, i.e. USB storage device
  • People watching others closely, possibly recording, when logging into a system.
  • If you are contacted by “IT Support” – remember, you will never be asked for your password by any UC support teams or other organisations.
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How to Report a Cybersecurity Incident

Ring the IT Service Desk

0508 UC IT HELP (0508 824 843) or
03 369 5000

Visit the IT Service Desk
located in the ground floor of Matariki

Log a ticket
on UC Services Portal

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