Mentors for postgraduate students

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Student Experience Team offers a mentoring scheme for PhD and Masters students. The mentor is asked to provide the student with somebody who they can talk to about studying for a PhD at UC and about life at UC and NZ generally (especially for international students). These are not academic mentors, although we will often try to match a student with a mentor from the same department/school.

Mentoring is voluntary and there is no set amount of time mentors are asked to spend with mentees. Mentors and mentees completely determine the time they can spend together often as little as an hour every week in the first few weeks then fading away as the student mentee gets established on campus. Mentors can refuse a mentee at any point, and mentees can request different mentors also if they don't connect. it is understood that mentoring must complement studying and not compromise the mentor’s own research in any way. All mentors are interviewed and trained by Student Experience Team and sign a mentoring agreement to abide by the boundaries and confidentiality as set out in the training, so understand where they support begins and ends. 

If you have any questions please email

If you wish to become a mentor please complete this UC Student Mentor application form.

If you would like to apply to have a mentor please complete the UC Student Mentees application form.