Stephen Butler

  • Stephen Butler

Commissioning / Systems Studies Engineer at Power Systems Consultants (PSC)

Stephen is a former EPECentre Scholar. He completed a Bachelor of Engineering with First Class Honours in Electronic Engineering in 2008.

Stephen is a Chartered Professional Engineer with 11 years of experience in the power industry. He has been engaged in various projects and has experience in both HVDC and AC substations, system studies, systems operations, outage planning and Microgrids.

Stephen's HVDC experience includes classical HVDC and voltage source converters. His first project was the Borwin 1 offshore HVDC wind connection off the coast of Germany where he performed subsystem testing and integration of communication systems. He also performed a technical support role for the initial link operation. Stephen was then involved with subsystem testing and commissioning of Caprivi link, East West Interconnector, Highgate projects and then held the role of Commissioning Manager for ABB's Offshore Wind Connections on the DolWin2 HVDC offshore project. This project included a land HVDC converter station, DC cables, Offshore HVDC Converter Station and AC Cables. Stephen was responsible for the planning and coordination of the commissioning activities, including sub-system testing, integration testing, system testing and trial operation of the overall grid connection system.

In addition to HVDC work, Stephen has experience with outage planning on the New Zealand electricity transmission system and electricity market operations. Stephen has also been involved with remote microgrids in the Cook Islands and Kiritimati Islands.

Published August 2019

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