Erin Shailer

  • Erin Shailer

Undergraduate Scholar

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Published November 2022

Why did you choose to study engineering?

Kia ora! I am currently in my final year of Electrical Engineering with a minor in Power Engineering at the University of Canterbury. I chose to study electrical engineering because I’ve always had an interest in electronics, and that has evolved into an interest in the electricity sector and renewable energy as I’ve gone through university. I’m originally from Palmerston North and basically grew up with wind turbines in my backyard, so it’s only natural that I’ve chosen to pursue Power Engineering!

How have you benefitted from the Aruhiko Power Engineering Excellence Trust (PEET) Scholarship?

The scholarship has provided me with many opportunities to network with industry members. This has helped me develop my confidence and build relationships with those in the power industry.

What have been your highlights at UC so far?

I had the privilege of attending the Power Systems Field Trip in the South Island last year. This trip provided me with valuable insight into the power industry, and I loved visiting the different power stations and learning about how they worked. This experience confirmed that I want to enter the power industry after I graduate, and it was definitely one of my university highlights!

Work experience and graduate role

I was fortunate to work with the Engineering Strategy Team at Meridian Energy last summer. This internship enabled me to apply my knowledge from university to solve real-world engineering problems. I gained a deep understanding of how Meridian operates and coordinates their hydro assets, the business motivators that affect the engineering projects, and the type of engineering work conducted at a generation company. It was a privilege to work alongside such a knowledgeable team, and it was a fantastic learning opportunity for me.

Next year, I will be joining the graduate programme at Mitton ElectroNet. I look forward to the new challenges this will bring, and I am excited to begin my career in the power engineering sector.