Ali Othman

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Ali is a PhD student supervised by Professor Neville Watson, Dr Andrew Lapthorn and Dr Radnya Mukhedkar. His research will propose a novel methodology to determine distribution system topology from time-series measurements available from sensors such as smart meters. He is also working on distribution networks modelling to generate synthetic data. This data will be used in developing the network topology identification algorithm.

Before starting his PhD, Ali spent 6 years working as an electrical engineer in Irbid District Electricity. Areas in which Ali has worked include: working in installation and maintenance of LV/MV distribution networks, design new and modify existing protection and control system for distribution networks, grid impact studies for PVs, identifying risks and gaps in prosses/specifications/designs/technical works.

Ali holds a Masters, as well as a B.S., in Electrical Power Engineering from Yarmouk University in Jordan. His master's research focused on Flexible AC Transmission Systems and how to use in to reduce transmission losses. In particular, he investigated the optimal parameters and location for different FACTS devices.

He is a recipient of the 2021-22 PEET Postgraduate scholarship.

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