EV Hosting capability studies

The EPECentre can assess the EV Hosting capabilities of your EDB’s low voltage distribution network. The impact of increasing levels of electric vehicle (EV) charging can be assessed using full probabilistic modelling techniques to highlight vulnerabilities and assist with reinforcement prioritisation. Studies require network topological inputs and can be customised in-line with your company’s focus, for example assessing potential impacts of altering time-of-use tariffs.

The probabilistic modelling explores thousands of different scenarios for different EV placements, EV battery capacity and charging characteristics, and EV usage behaviours.  Real-world inputs inform the model, for example, NZ based fleet information and household journey data.  Statistical outputs highlight the likelihood of congestion over a range of EV penetrations.

If your company would benefit from better understanding the impacts of EV charging on your network, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

See also a recording of the EV Hosting Capabilities Workshop held 24 November 2020.