Research & Innovation

EPECentre is a world-class clean technology research incubator that fosters collaboration and innovation.

We are a leading independent electric power and clean technologies research group, delivering specialist world-class research and innovation. Through our collaborations over the past two decades, we have a strong understanding of the NZ Electricity landscape and NZ industry in general, including the manufacturing and primary sectors.

The EPECentre engenders an environment that:

  • fosters collaborative research and innovation
  • provides research capability to benefit students, industry and society
  • leads the development of best practices.

The EPECentre has worked with over 30 industry partners on research and consulting projects and has a global network of over 700 industry and research contacts and collaborators.

The EPECentre is a team of high calibre researchers with cross-disciplinary capabilities, postgraduates and support staff in management and technical roles. It has access to significant university resources, including advanced laboratory facilities and eminent academics.

The team delivers outcomes through:

For past and ongoing projects, please refer to our projects section.

Please contact a relevant EPECentre staff member for further information and to discuss your project.