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Research EngineerRichard Strahan

Link, room 204
Internal Phone: 95907


Dr Richard Strahan is a specialist in the field of motor design. He is as a consultant to electrical machine manufacturers helping with design and development of motors for a variety of applications. He has worked with a large European manufacturer on new brushless motor technology he has pioneered. He was awarded the IET 2006 Premium Award for Proceedings - Electric Power Applications for best annual paper in this leading journal. Richard also provides research & development expertise for the solution of electromagnetic problems such as actuators and sensors. His analytic ability and creativity are his strengths. Richard studied for the Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Canterbury from 1989 to 1992.  Immediately following this he completed his doctoral degree at the same University. The area of research was in the design of small motors with the Thesis title “Energy Conversion by Permanent Magnet Machines and Novel Development of the Single Phase Synchronous Permanent Magnet Motor”.

Richard has also held a post doctoral fellowship awarded by the Foundation for Research, Science & Technology at the University of Canterbury and has been an associate of the EPECentre for many years and joined the R&D team in 2009.