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Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I specialise in application of power electronics to power systems, high voltage engineering, network protection and control; and management of knowledge workers and innovation. My interests include research, development and delivery of: sustainable, efficient, intelligent and secure energy technology for the generation, storage, transmission, distribution and industrial/consumer (application) sector; supported by education and development of capability.

Recent Publications

  • Schipper J., Sim S., Dang Q. and Mukhedkar R. (2021) REPRESENTATIVE MODELLING OF VERY LONG HVDC CABLES. In The 17th International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmission (ACDC 2021) Institution of Engineering and Technology.
  • Schipper J., John O. and Radnya M. (2020) Wave Energy Potential with a Magnetic Thread Power Take-off. In.
  • Lavopa E., El-Sanharawi O., Monteiro J. and Mukhedkar R. (2019) Mathematical harmonic model of VSC HVDC for offshore applications. In ACDC 2019 Proceedings: 6. Institution of Engineering and Technology.
  • Mukhedkar R. (2019) Technology Choices for an Evolving Power System. In.
  • Sonnathi CM., Ginnareddy R. and Mukhedkar R. (2019) Symmetrical VSC monopole scheme alternative grounding circuit arrangements. In ACDC 2019 Proceedings: 5. The Institution of Engineering and Technology.