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Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

I specialise in application of power electronics to power systems, high voltage engineering, network protection and control; and management of knowledge workers and innovation. My interests include research, development and delivery of: sustainable, efficient, intelligent and secure energy technology for the generation, storage, transmission, distribution and industrial/consumer (application) sector; supported by education and development of capability.

Recent Publications

  • Schipper J., John O. and Radnya M. (2020) Wave Energy Potential with a Magnetic Thread Power Take-off. In.
  • Lavopa E., El-Sanharawi O., Monteiro J. and Mukhedkar R. (2019) Mathematical harmonic model of VSC HVDC for offshore applications. In ACDC 2019 Proceedings: 6. Institution of Engineering and Technology.
  • Mukhedkar R. (2019) Technology Choices for an Evolving Power System. In.
  • Sonnathi CM., Ginnareddy R. and Mukhedkar R. (2019) Symmetrical VSC monopole scheme alternative grounding circuit arrangements. In ACDC 2019 Proceedings: 5. The Institution of Engineering and Technology.
  • Ramet M., Outram J., Cheng L. and Mukhedkar R. (2017) Application of dynamic braking systems in off-shore connected VSC HVDC. In 13th IET International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmission (ACDC 2017) 2017(CP709)