Nurzhan Nursultanov photo

Research EngineerNurzhan Nursultanov

Link, room 203
Internal Phone: 93365


Research Interests

Current research interests include modelling advanced heat transfer, diffusion through porous media, electrical conductivity of anisotropic materials

Recent Publications

  • Nursultanov N., Heffernan WJB., Altaner C. and Pang S. (2020) Anisotropic electrical conductivity of green timber within 20 - 90 C temperature range. Wood Science and Technology 54(5): 1181-1196.
  • Nursultanov N., Heffernan WJB., van Herel MJWMR. and Nijdam JJ. (2019) Computational calculation of temperature and electrical resistance to control Joule heating of green Pinus radiata logs. Applied Thermal Engineering 159
  • Heffernan WJB., Nursultanov N., van Herel R. and Smart T. (2018) Joule heating of logs for phytosanitary purposes and timber processing pre-treatment. Advanced Materials Letters 9(11): 767-775.
  • Nursulantov N., Altaner CM. and Heffernan WJB. (2017) Effect of temperature on electrical conductivity of green sapwood of Pinus radiata (radiata pine). Wood Science and Technology 51(4): 795-809.
  • Heffernan WJB., Nursultanov N. and van Herel MJWMR. (2017) Wood Heating System and Method.Patent No. 730025, NZ.