Congratulations to Josh Schipper for two new IEEE Journal Papers

20 April 2020

Publications on uptake of Variable Renewable Energy whilst maintaining the security of the power system

  • Josh Schipper presenting

    Josh Schipper presenting at the 2019 GREEN Grid Conference

EPECentre Research Engineer Josh Schipper, along with co-authors Associate Professor Alan Wood and Conrad Edwards (Transpower), has had two papers accepted in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. The need to efficiently manage reserves, inertia, and power system security in the event of the largest credible contingency is key to the continued uptake of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE). Part I of “Optimizing Instantaneous and Ramping Reserves with Different Response Speeds for Contingencies” presents a formulation to optimize reserves for contingent events while explicitly including their response times. Part II highlights the implications of using this formulation in a reserves market.

The papers have been published on the IEEE website in early access, and the final papers will be available online shortly.

This research is an output of Josh’s PhD research (Thesis published in 2019) which was undertaken as a part of the GREEN Grid programme. Find more information about other publications on GREEN Grid.