Scholarship Awards

The Scholarship Awards is an annual event that celebrates all PEET scholars from First Year to postgraduate students.

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More than 220 scholarships have been awarded since 2002 on behalf of all PEET members. In 2020, 37 undergraduate and 2 postgraduate scholars have been awarded.

The last Scholarship Awards were held 6 October 2020, with about 70 people attending. Sean McCready (EEA), who has been involved in PEET as the Executive Secretary for many years, welcomed everyone. The scholars were able to meet with industry representatives from about 10 companies and listen to our guest speakers, who all awarded the scholars on behalf of all PEET Members:

  • Dr Nikki Newham (Transpower), PEET Board member and former Postgraduate scholar – awarded the PEET postgraduate and Fourth Year (Third Pro) scholars

  • Laura Harding (Beca), 2016-2019 Undergraduate scholar – awarded the PEET Third Year (Second Pro) scholars

  • Jacob Smith (Ergo Consulting), 2017 Undergraduate scholar – awarded the PEET Second Year (First Pro) and First Year (Engineering Intermediate) scholars

  • Peter Brown (PSC), PEET Board member and Geoffrey Callander (PSC) – awarded the 2020 PSC scholar (Sunesh Parbhu)

We would like to thank our speakers for their time and commitment to share and meet with students.

Other events

Other functions/events are organised for scholars, including a Welcome Function.

The last welcome function was held on campus on 26 March 2021 with members of the PEET Board. Robert Ferris, PEET Board Chair, welcomed everyone. The scholars were able to meet with our Board members, EPECentre staff and their mentors or mentees if they have chosen to be part of the voluntary mentoring programme.

From the 2020 Scholars Welcome function - Appearing in photos, clockwise from top left:

  • Peter Brown (PSC) and Alvin Li (Fourth Year)
  • Shane Watson (Orion) with Edward Marshall and Connor Nisbet (Third Year)
  • Peter Armstrong (Westpower, ElectroNet) with Emilie Feasey (Fourth Year)
  • Sean McCready (EEA) with Erin Shailer (Second Year), Henry Eden-Mann and Elora Manktelow (First Year)
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