Attracting and developing talent

There are lots of great opportunities to fund your study if you are interested in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, as well as other fields of engineering related to the power industry. Check out the list below of scholarships offered by Te Hiranga Pūhanga Hiko - EPECentre, Aruhiko - PEET, UC, our industry members and external entities. For other potential funding sources, please check the UC scholarships database or check the UC webpage on how to become a research student.

See posters for the Arukiho- Power Engineering Excellence Trust Undergraduate Scholarship.

Note that these tables are provided as a guide only and are not an exhaustive list. Check the deadline and regulations of each scholarship for detailed eligibility criteria. 

ScholarshipOrganisationDeadlineAmountWho can apply?
Aruhiko - Power Engineering Excellence Trust Undergraduate Scholarship
(Previously named the UC Electric Power Engineering Centre Scholarship)
Link for School Leavers
Link for Non-School Leavers
Aruhiko - Power Engineering Excellence Trust (PEET) 15 August  Up to $14,000

School leavers

UC First, Second and Third Year EEE students

UA Part III EEE students

MainPower Scholarship MainPower 31 March $5,000 Third or Fourth Year EEE
PSC Scholarship PSC 31 March $7,000 Fourth Year EEE
EEA Electricity Engineers' Association Scholarship Electricity Engineers’ Association 31 March $4,500 Fourth Year
Beca Engineering in Society Scholarships Beca 31 March $3,000-$5,000 Third or Fourth Year
Unison Engineering Scholarship Unison 27 November $10,000 per year of study School leavers or First Year, with intent to study EEE or Mechatronics
ScholarshipOrganisationDeadlineAmountWho can apply?
UC Undergraduate Summer Research Scholarship UC Around September $5,000 Third or Fourth Year
Work on a supervised research project for 400 hours (counts towards practical work experience requirements for BE(Hons) degree)
R&D Experience Grant - Internship
Full-time work experience during the summer break
Callaghan Innovation Check online $8,460 for 400h full time (paid to the business) Check online
ScholarshipOrganisationDeadlineAmountWho can apply?
UC Electric Power Engineering Centre Scholarship (Postgraduate) EPECentre (on behalf of its Industry members) None $12,500 or $25,000 per annum Masters (1 year) or PhD (3 years)
Orion Master’s Energy Scholarship Orion 15 October $16,500 Enrolled in a masters degree
UC Doctoral Scholarship UC None $21,000 per annum and tuition fees (domestic) - 3 years Check online
R&D Fellowships Grant Callaghan Innovation Check online $26,000 per annum and $4,500 fees (paid to the business) Check online
RHT Bates Postgraduate Scholarship Royal Society of New Zealand Check online Study award $6,000 Check online
NZ Scholarships for international tertiary students NZ Foreign Affairs & Trade (MFAT) Check online Check online Check online