Continuing Undergrad Scholars 2018

Postgraduate scholarships

The EPECentre provides scholarships for postgraduate students, which support full-time study for a Master's or PhD degree. Many of PhD students working on EPECentre Research projects have an Electrical and Electronic Engineering background. If we find there is mutual interest in a topic, the EPECentre will find the most appropriate academic department and co-supervisor for you to work with.

Email to register your interest and send your application.

See Postgraduate profiles page for a list of current industry-sponsored projects that include scholarships.

Orion, one of our PEET members, provides a Master’s energy scholarship


Undergraduate scholarships

The EPECentre also provides scholarships for school-leavers and undergraduate students.

UC Electric Power Engineering Centre Scholarships

Eligibility: High School or UC Engineering Intermediate, First Pro or Second Pro Students – conditions on courses chosen. About half of the scholarships are reserved for female applicants.

up to $14,000 (up to 8 scholarships) for school-leavers
up to $13,000 (up to 6 scholarships) for Eng Intermediate students
up to $10,000 (up to 6 scholarships) for First Pro students
up to $5,000 (up to 6 scholarships) for Second Pro students

Applications open: 20 June 2019

Application deadline: 15 August 2019

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Other Scholarships from EPECentre members:

- Transpower Scholarship for Women in Engineering for female students enrolled at least one of course required for the minor in Power Engineering.

- MainPower Scholarship for Second or Third Pro Students enrolled in at least one of the power course.

- EEA Electricity Engineers' Association Scholarship  for Third Pro students who have interest in, and potential contribution to, the development in New Zealand of the engineering aspects of electricity generation or production, power systems, or electricity utilisation.

PSC Scholarship (Power System Consultants New Zealand) for Third Pro students who demonstrate a strong interest in and potential to contribute to the electric power engineering industry in New Zealand.



University of Canterbury Summer Scholarships

A UC Summer Research Scholarship provides UC students in the final stages of a relevant Engineering degree with the opportunity to work on a supervised research project for 400 hours (approximately 10 weeks) over the summer period (November - February), complete a short research skills programme (December) and to give a presentation at the Summer Research Scholarship Feedback Day (February). The EPEcentre offers a few Summer Research project through this programme.


See the College of Engineering scholarships and funding page or the Scholarships database for the full list of available scholarships.