intelliHealth Systems Research Lab

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What is the intelliHealth Systems Research Lab?

We conduct research in the area of intelligent and adaptive systems within the health domain. This includes:

  • Using intelligent systems for rehabilitation, diagnosis, and eventually prevention.
  • Modelling domains (ontological modelling) so that systems can make intelligent domain-based decisions.
  • Modelling patients so that systems can customise decisions.
  • Creating and modelling strategies (such as during rehabilitation).
  • Analysing data (online and offline) to provide accuracy and customisation.
  • The use of gaming in health systems (currently, primarily in rehabilitation).

If you have any queries or would like to visit us, please contact Tanja Mitrovic.

The intelliHealth Systems Research Lab is a research lab within the Computer Science and Software Engineering department at the University of Canterbury.

If you are interested in being a research student in the intelliHealth Systems Research Lab, please see How to become a research student.

  • Personalisation in Aphasia Rehabilitation
    This current project looks into personalising rehabilitation in aphasia using Constraint-Based modelling techniques.
  • Increasing motivation in rehabilitation by enlisting help from the patient
    Rehabilitation can be boring and demotivating. Could motivation be increased by putting the patient in the position of helper/guide? This current project is exploring this idea.
  • Prospective Memory Rehabilitation
    The prospective memory rehabilitation project explores strategies for rehabilitating prospective memory loss due to stroke and other brain injuries. This project includes a multi-phase computer-based rehabilitation programme and a virtual reality environment within which users can learn these skills. The project was funded by a Royal Society of New Zealand Marsden Grant.

Head and main contact



  • David Sowry
  • Roseanna Grundy

For advice

Tanja Mitrovic

Jack Erskine 312
Internal Phone: 94269

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