Entrance tests

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Each year CAM administers approximately 50,000 entrance tests for New Zealand schools.

English, mathematics and reasoning skills tests are available for incoming Year 7 and 9 students.

The 35-minute tests are either multiple choice or short answer. The comprehensive online feedback provides reliable information for class placement and identifying individual student strengths and areas for development.

For Entrance to Year9 schools testing from the start of term 4, 2022, we now offer an On-line option as well as the Paper-based option. Once you indicate On-line on the registration form, CAM will contact you.  If you would like more information about the On-line process, contact CAM cam@canterbury.ac.nz.

CAM recommends that schools administer the standard package of three tests to get a comprehensive overview of a student’s ability.

  • The Entrance Tests for Year 7 and 9 are usually administered to students between August and November of the year prior to entry but testing can take place any time preferred by the school.
  • Late students are accepted up until the end of March the following year. 
  • A full marking and reporting service is included with a turnaround time of approximately 5-7 working days from receipt of test papers by CAM.

The English test covers a variety of language skills with emphasis on vocabulary, grammar and comprehension.

  • Topics: Vocabulary, comprehension and exploring language. 
  • Feedback categories: Vocabulary, comprehension, language, curriculum level, National Standard and processing speed and accuracy.

The maths test covers a variety of basic numeracy skills with emphasis on number, measurement and simple logic.

  • Topics: Number, measurement, geometry, pre-algebra, algebra, statistics, probability, simple problem solving and logic extension.
  • Feedback categories: Number, measurement, geometry, statistics, extension, curriculum level, National Standard and processing speed and accuracy.

The reasoning skills test includes critical thinking, simple deductive and inductive logic and reasoning skills when applied to 'new' situations.

  • Topics: Verbal association, verbal classification, verbal analogies, letter series, verbal reasoning, verbal codes, logical conclusions, numerical reasoning, number codes, number analogies, abstract pairs, abstract classifications and abstract sequences.
  • Feedback categories: Literacy reasoning, numerical reasoning, critical thinking and processing speed and accuracy.

Entrance test feedback examples

View examples of entrance test feedback from Aotearoa College

Entrance test prices

OptionsPrice per student
One test $5.90 + GST
Any two tests $7.90 + GST
All three tests $9.90 + GST