Study options in Human Services

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Undergraduate study

Two courses taken from the options HSRV 101, HSRV 102 (or SOWK 101 and 102), HSRV 103 or HSRV 104 (or SOWK 104), are the prerequisites for Human Services courses at 200-level.

At 200 and 300-levels our course topics are dynamic and contemporary, and closely related to staff research and practice interests. Courses at 200-level explore topics including communication, human behaviour, policy debates, gender sensitivity, culture, citizenship, indigeneity, child protection and family welfare.

At 300-level students can apply for an internship. This is a unique opportunity to gain practical work experience and integrate that experience with your theoretical knowledge.

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Postgraduate study

The Human Services postgraduate programme offers candidates an opportunity to build on their previous studies. The programmes help students to further their basic research knowledge and skills and maximise their ability to pursue a career direction.

Pathways of study

Postgraduate courses offer three distinct pathways or streams of study

  •  Interpersonal and Family Systems
  •  Organisational Systems
  •  Global Systems

Postgraduate qualifications

The Graduate Diploma in Arts in Human Services offers people who already hold a bachelor's degree (such as a BA, BCom, BFA or BSc) an opportunity to complete a transitional qualification that will enable them to pursue postgraduate study in Human Services. Limited entry criteria apply.

The Head of School works with students as they enrol to develop a personalised course of study. Find out more about the Graduate Diploma in the Arts.

The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Human Services is designed to provide people working within the human services with the knowledge and skills that will lead to positions in local, national, and global human service agencies, organisations, and government departments. The programme also prepares candidates for senior positions within these organisations.

The degree is made up of the compulsory core course, HSRV 401, and three other courses chosen from HSRV 402-425, as approved by the Head of School. Find out more about Honours in Human Services

The Master of Arts degree in Human Services consists of two parts: One year of coursework and then a thesis.

Part I: Four courses, comprising the compulsory core course, HSRV 401, and three other courses chosen from HSRV 402 - HSRV 425, as approved by the Head of School.

Part II: A thesis (HSRV 690).

Candidates require a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or bachelor's degree with a relevant graduate diploma. BA(Hons) graduates need only complete a thesis.

Entry requirements

Entry into Part I requires 12 points with a B average in courses at 300-level approved by the Head of School. A candidate who has completed 12 points at 300-level in unrelated courses with a B average may be required to complete a qualifying year. Candidates should consult the department to determine whether and to what extent their undergraduate work qualifies as related to Human Services.

Entry into Part II requires completion of Part I.

Candidates who have qualified BA (Hons) with at least Second Class Honours Division 2 may be admitted as candidates for the MA in Human Services for a course of study comprising a thesis only. Such candidates will be accepted subject to suitability of topic, disciplinary background and availability of supervision.

Find out more about the Master of Arts degree.

A PhD degree comprises an advanced course of study and research, presented in a thesis.

Candidates must have either a bachelors degree with first or second-class honours, or a masters degree with first or second-class honours or equivalent.

Candidates study for between two and four years full-time or three to seven years part time. A candidate must spend at least two years on advanced study and research. Most candidates find they need at least three years full-time work to complete a doctorate.

Consult the academic requirements and guidelines for PhD study.

Scholarships and funding

A number of scholarships are available to students of Human Services. 
Use the links below to help search the Scholarships database.

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